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A successful and exciting bootcamp in Prague is behind us! Between 13 and 18 March 2023, the Equal eSports Talents of the esports player foundation were guests of T-Mobile Czech in the Czech capital. After numerous epf bootcamps in Ampflwang, it was the first time that a bootcamp took place outside the DACH region. Thanks to the active support of all parties, the players had everything they needed at the Magenta Experience Center to work on all skills in the best possible way.

Varied programme for the talents

On a total of 4 days, the Equal eSports Talents in League of Legends and Brawl Stars had a full schedule, where not only the performance in the game was trained. In addition to individual and group coaching sessions, the talents had to show that they also had physical stamina during fitness training. For professional eSports players, it is becoming increasingly important to appear professionally and confidently in front of the camera and to produce content. Therefore, numerous video and photo shoots also took place at the boot camp in Prague. In addition to the various activities, the players had time to explore Prague while sightseeing and in the evenings. The boot camp was a unique experience for everyone involved.

Competitive eSports in the middle of Prague

For Miki "Nugget" Maurer and Luna "Zavee" Lochmann, an important game in the Prime League took place on Thursday. In the tiebreaker of Division 4.5 they met "KIT SC HNABELTIERE" with BIG Chroma. By winning, they secured 6th place. From 25/03 onwards, Zavee and Nugget will be fighting to stay in the Division 4-5 playoffs. For SK Avarosa, the playoffs are about promotion to Division 4 of the Prime League.

Strengthening eSports in the Czech Republic together with the Equal eSports Initiative

An event like this is a novelty for the Czech eSports scene, as eSports is still in its infancy there. Agencies like Inside Games, the eSports partner of T-Mobile Czech, are trying to help the eSports scene in the Czech Republic grow and become more professional. To get one step closer to this goal, we enabled Inside Games to visit SK Gaming at the Magenta Facility in Cologne in November 2022.
Many thanks to the colleagues from T-Mobile Czech, who actively supported us in the organisation and implementation. We are already looking forward to the next bootcamp!