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Equal eSports
30/9/2021 | 9:0010:30

Presentation of the Equal eSports Initiative at the press launch at Telekom headquarters in Bonn

The #equalesports initiative is truly a game-changer in the world of eSports and gaming. Through this long-term initiative, Deutsche Telekom plans to work hard on behalf of diversity and equality – for everyone – in eSports and gaming.

How does this initiative fit into Deutsche Telekom's Group strategy?
What is really behind our efforts to promote diversity and equality – and female empowerment? What is the reasoning behind #goodmagenta?
What role does the esports player foundation plan to take in the #equalesports initiative, via such forums as the Female Player Program and the Equal eSports Council?
How is SK Gaming's Project Avarosa doing, now that it is underway?

In a press-launch presentation moderated by Melek Balgün, and featuring inspiring keynote speeches and two panel discussions, these and other questions will be addressed by the following prominent guests: Birgit Bohle (Chief Human Resources Officer and Labor Director), Michael Hagspihl (SVP Global Strategic Projects and Marketing Partnerships) and Antje Hundhausen (Vice President Brand Experience) (all Deutsche Telekom); and the managing directors of Deutsche Telekom's partners in this effort, Jörg Adami & Evangelos Papathanassiou (esports player foundation) and Alex Müller (SK Gaming). Other guests will include stakeholders Lea Fitzen and Jana Möglich (with SK Gaming and the esports player foundation, respectively).