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#equalesports is an attitude and a movement. It is also our initiative to help make eSports and gaming an integral part of all young people’s everyday lives, and to make topics such as diversity, values, health, and digital education accessible to all gamers. To this end, we are creating a safe space and an environment with a positive vibe in which all gamers – regardless of their gender, background, culture, or social status – are able to live their dream. #equalesports advocates respect for the eSports and gaming movement and, together with you, wants to ensure everyone can enjoy the same opportunities.

We want to tackle this task head on and work with you to make it come true. That also means getting those on board who not already immersed in this eSports culture – by offering workshops for parents, for instance, in partnership with the esports player foundation, in order to raise awareness and spread knowledge among the public at large.

We have been working on various initiatives such as #goodmagenta for a long time in order to initiate topics and also to accompany them seriously. And not as a short-term campaign, but in a long-term setup with a lot of commitment and corresponding resources. We would like to build on this with the #equalesports initiative.


Jörg Adami

Co-Founder epf

"Gaming and eSports are now an integral part of the everyday culture of young people. Although almost half of gamers are women, there is an extreme gender imbalance in eSports. As part of the Equal eSports Initiative, we want to eliminate prejudices against women and non-binary gamers and normalise the image of "mixed teams" at the professional level in the long run. Even though there is still a long way to go, we can be very proud of what we have achieved after almost a year. The feedback from the community is incredibly positive and Maya "Caltys" Henckel is the first woman ever to have made it into one of the first European divisions."

Dr. Julia Hiltscher

Equal eSports Council Member

""With the Agenda 2030, the global community has set itself 17 ambitious goals - the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) - for sustainable development. SDG 5 aims to end all forms of discrimination against women and girls everywhere in the world by 2030. The Equal eSports Initiative makes an important contribution to this by providing sustainable and holistic support for women and non-binary players on their career path in eSports. Well-known eSports players have a special symbolic effect and charisma in a "male domain", in eSports, which can be inclusive, but can also be described as toxic and discriminatory. According to the United Nations, gender equality also always means intergenerational equity. Thus, the courageous pursuit of - and advocacy for - equality simultaneously combats not only the problem of inequality, but also climate change."