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SK Avarosa starts the Spring Split with a new line-up

SK Avarosa starts the Spring Split of the Prime League with six strong players. In 2021, Deutsche Telekom and SK Gaming introduced the first all-women/non-binary professional team in Germany for League of Legends as part of the Equal eSports Initiative. The team finished the first split in DIV. 6 on the 3rd place. In the meantime, SK Avarosa plays in DIV. 5 and wants to move up to DIV. 3 this year. The goal is also to become the best women/non-binary team in Europe.

With the newly established roster, Deutsche Telekom, like Mercedes Benz, is continuing its commitment to more equality and diversity in eSports and gaming. Together with the leading eSports organisation SK Gaming and the esports player foundation, Telekom is using #equalesports to help young women and non-binary players realise their dream of an eSports career. The eSports players supported by the initiative are not only highly talented players, but also role models for the community and for newcomers to the professional game.

SK Avarosa Roster:

  • Lily "GWolfieG" Kraft - Top Lane
  • Ida "Emprez" Pedersen - Jungle
  • Dafni "Apollonia" Gkerveni - Midlane
  • Alessandra "Nenris" Schmalfuß - Bot Lane
  • Anette "Pjush" Holm - Support
  • Johanna "Mercia" Weiß - Substitute Bot Lane
  • Fuat Dilek - Coach

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