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Are you an ambitious Brawl Stars, Valorant or League of Legends player, a woman or non-binary and eager to work hard on developing your Skills?
Then Apply now to get fully supported chasing your dream to become a esports pro!

About the Equal Esports Initiative:

The Equal Esports Initiative is a common movement of Deutsche Telekom AG, SK Gaming and the esports player foundation. Initiated in September 2021, we are fighting for more diversity, inclusion and equal opportunities in Esports.
In the long term, we want to enable women and non-binary talent to reach their full potential, normalize mixed teams and give them the recognition they deserve.

Why you should Join Equal Esports Initiative:

• Impacting the future of Esports: By joining, you become part of a movement that aims to create equal opportunities for individuals from all backgrounds, regardless of their gender, race, ethnicity, or other factors. This will turn you into a role model for future generations of talented women and non-binary players.
• Networking Opportunities: We bring you together with people who share the same passion with you. You'll meet other upcoming players, coaches, role models and experts. We create a community that encourages collaboration and a sense of belonging and provide an environment where you can thrive and grow.
• Skill development: Together with you, we develop an individualized support package. This includes weekly in-game coaching, boot camps, fitness training, mentoring, hardware support, mental health and much more. In this way, we provide you with an optimal environment for personal and professional development.
• Visibility: We want to prove that women and non-binary players are just as good as male players. With the initiative we push Esports more into the center of society and give you the opportunity to bring yourself even more into the focus of professional teams, to establish mixed teams in the long-term.

How to apply:

  1. Choose your desired application form for League of Legends, Valorant or Brawl Stars right here.
  2. Fill out the application form, providing us with your personal details, gaming experience, and any additional information that highlights your skills and dedication.
  3. Submit your application and stay tuned. Our experts will carefully review your application and get back to you after the application period ends. The application phase ends on the 7. July 2024.