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T-Mobile Czech meets #equalesports

On November 19th and 20th, Inside Games, the eSports partner of T-Mobile Czech, was a guest of SK Gaming at the Magenta Facility in Cologne. The Czech eSports agency implements all eSports and gaming activities for T-Mobile Czech and the Magenta Experience Center in Prague.

eSports @ T-Mobile Czech with Inside Games

Even though the eSports scene in the Czech Republic is still in its infancy, it has developed enormously in recent years. The focus of T-Mobile Czech's eSports activities is very similar to the mission of the Equal eSports Initiative: digital education and the promotion of talented players. This year, 2 eSports camps for LoL players and the Esport Cup 2022 powered by T-Mobile were held at the Magenta Experience Center. Further tournaments and panel talks for parents and players are already being planned.

Equal eSports goes Europe

During the two-day visit to the Magenta Facility, Inside Games gained important insights into competitive eSports at one of the most successful eSports organisations in Europe. They had the chance to learn more about the Equal eSports Initiative and its goals. Fuat Dilek and Gerrit Stukemeier led exciting workshops on the following topics:

  • 360° Programme (nutrition and health)
  • SK Gaming (history, partnerships, campaigns and infrastructure)
  • SK Avarosa and Equal eSports
  • Coaching in League of Legends

In addition, a one-hour Q&A took place with Pedro Guijarro, the Brawl Stars coach of SK Gaming's main team. The coach talked about his career in eSports, Brawl Stars at SK Gaming and SK Avarosa and what is important in Brawl Stars eSports. The insights into SK's everyday life show that there is more to a career in eSports than just in-game training. In order to live the dream of being an eSports pro, the talents need overall support, which also consists of physical training and healthy nutrition.

Thank you for this great weekend. It is important to us that the initiative continues to grow and that we also gain supporters beyond the country's national borders. We are already planning exciting activities with T-Mobile Czech and are very excited about what the future holds.