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Exclusive screening of “She They Us” gives SK Gaming’s Project Avarosa inspiring insights into the career of LoL host Sjokz

As part of a boot camp in November 2023 in Berlin, Project Avarosa players had the opportunity to see an exclusive screening of the documentary film "She They Us" by Belgian filmmakers Zaïde Bil, Heleen Declercq and Sam Peeters. The episodic documentary portrays seven people who are discriminated against because of their gender, sexuality, skin color, age, social class or religion. What they all have in common is their tireless commitment to pushing social boundaries and raising their voices against injustice. They are not just those affected , but also activists who draw attention to important social issues through their public presence. With their stories, they oppose discriminatory structures and fight for a more inclusive and fair world.

One of these protagonists is the Belgian esports journalist and LEC presenter Eefje “Sjokz” Depoortere. Sjokz has been a host, interviewer and fixture in the competitive League of Legends community for over a decade. Few people have been working in the esports industry for as long as she has. One of the documentary's episodes features Eefje "Sjokz" Depoortere's inspiring journey through the world of gaming as she talks about the ups and downs of her career. After discovering gaming as a hobby as a teenager and later participating in esports competitions, Eefje "Sjokz" Depoortere is now one of the biggest presenters in the industry. The former sounds somewhat familiar to all of us, right? In the episode, she explains how this passion made her one of the most famous personalities in esports. She shares her personal challenges, doubts, and experiences she overcame on her path to success in the competitive gaming scene. She describes in a touching way how gaming contributed to her personal development in her youth and how it always has been an identity-forming part of her life. “Sjokz’s” CV is the best proof that passion can be the best foundation for a fulfilling career.

The documentary “She They Us” openly addresses the grievances and barriers that need to be overcome and broken down in a male-dominated industry. “Sjokz” is a great example of determination, passion and expertise and has inspired the Project Avarosa team with their attitude and inspired by her impressive career.

Emprez, player of Project Avarosa, was thrilled after the screening: “It was really motivating to watch the documentary and hear about the challenges that Sjokz has overcome during her career in esports! What she has been through and everything she has achieved shows what is possible.”

In her stories, “Sjokz” also emphasized her desire for more initiatives that give young women and non-binary people a safe and supportive entry into the gaming industry. In a world where gaming is becoming increasingly important, it's important to create an environment where everyone feels welcome and heard. We remain committed to advancing this vision of diversity.

Let's work together to build a community that is accessible and supportive for everyone.

She They Us
2023, Belgium
Director: Directed by Zaïde Bil, Heleen Declercq, Sam Peeters, 2023

More information can be found here. There is currently no way to see the film in Germany. If this changes, we will inform you here.