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Equal eSports Talent Sayna makes Prime League history!

Mareike "Sayna" Burg made history on 09 February 2023: She was the first women to compete in the 1st division of the Prime League of the game League of Legends (LoL). In 2021, Sayna convinced us in the selection camp for the #equalesports promotion. Since then, she has regularly taken part in epf trainings and offers from the support programme. Less than two years later, the Unicorns of Love signed the 24-year-old. Since December 2022, Sayna has been part of the Unicorns of Love Sexy Edition team as a substitute bot lane player. She made her official debut in February against Eintracht Frankfurt. In the league's highest division, which has so far been dominated exclusively by men, Sayna's participation as the first woman is also an important signal for more equal opportunities.

The Prime League is one of the four accredited European regional leagues that serves to promote the League of Legends scene in the German-speaking (DACH) region. One step below the major competitions such as the European LEC or the South Korean LCK. A total of ten teams, including the Unicorns of Love Sexy Edition, compete in the league.

As a bot laner, Sayna always has to watch out for two opponents at the same time and cause as much damage as possible to the opposing team. Before her first game, she was excited and happy at the same time:

"The announcement that I was going to play caused a big echo on social media. But that didn't change much in the game. In competitions you are always under a lot of pressure and I am excited before every match - this time it was maybe a bit more. What really made me happy were all the positive comments on being the first woman to compete in a mixed team in the Prime League. It's a cool feeling and hopefully encourages other women to keep fighting for their dream."

Sayna has only been active in eSports for four years. She is studying Computer Science in her Master's degree and has competed in her first varsity league. Currently, her greatest wish is to be able to work full-time as an eSport athlete.