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The Equal eSports Council is an important part of the Equal eSports Initiative. The Council is made up of successful women from eSports, gaming and business who also act as mentors for the players in the talent development. The council's tasks include the strategic direction, steering of measures and monitoring of the implementation of the Equal eSports talent development with the esports player foundation.

The new members of the council

We are very pleased to announce that the Equal eSports Council now has some top-class additions and that we have been able to win further personalities from eSports, gaming and science for the initiative. We would like to welcome the following new council members:

Theres "Sissor" Modl

Sissor made a name for herself early on as a Twitch streamer and eSports moderator. She has been part of the gaming and eSports scene since 2013, has hosted numerous events and is a fixture in the German League of Legends community. She entertains her community with regular gaming streams on Twitch.

Yvonne "MissMadHat" Scheer

Yvonne Scheer has been active in eSports for over ten years. The Austrian started in eSports as a Call of Duty player. The end of her career as a gamer was followed by a second career as an eSports referee. Since 2018, she has been speaking about diversity in gaming and eSports as a gender representative.

Prof. Dr. Judith Ackermann

Judith Ackermann wrote her doctoral thesis on communication at LAN parties, which led to her being dubbed "Dr. Counter Strike" in the press. She is regularly in the media as an expert on digital games. Judith is a member of the Esports Research Network and is proportionally responsible for the research department at the North Rhine-Westphalia State Association for E-Sports.

Nina "Silverborn" Zweifel

Nina Zweifel is a prospective psychologist and has been working as a performance coach in eSports for 6 years. At mYinsanity she built up a multidisciplinary team of nutritional counselling, physiotherapy and mental coaching and coached numerous amateur and semi-professional athletes. Since March 2021, she has been working as a performance coach at Adamas Esports Training + Performance.

Anika "Ryxcales" Wolter

Anika has been casting and analysing League of Legends full-time since 2019 and is an integral part of the DACH scene. She made her first experiences in 2018 at the Summoner's Inn Junior Caster Programme. She has already been part of big events like The Main 2, the first PRM Offline Finals as well as 2022 as a caster at the Equal eSports Festival Vol. 2.

Finja Walsdorff

Finja Walsdorff is a media scientist with a research focus on gender & gaming culture, content creation, eSports and games & mental health. She teaches and researches at the University of Siegen and the Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf. Finja is co-editor of the academic journal "Spiel|Formen" and since 2020 spokesperson of the AG Games, the Society for Media Studies.