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You stated at the beginning of the year that you wanted to be Challenger in 2022. After just a few months in Season 12, you're already further along than you were in Season 11. Are you confident that you'll still be Challenger in 2022?

I would say I am on a good way. Together with my coach Josef I work on my weaknesses every day and I am sure that I have the skills to reach Challenger. Personally, I still lack minimal discipline at some points to achieve this, such as sticking to routines. At the moment I'm thinking step by step, and that means first of all that I want to establish myself as Grandmaster.

In a previous interview with us you said, among other things, that you tend to get cocky quickly. How about this? Have you been able to improve here, and if so, is it also a reason for your huge increase in performance?

Significantly! At the same time, however, new construction sites have emerged, which I am now working on. Among other things, this concerns my self-confidence. Here it is always up and down. This is where the sports psychology support from epf helps me enormously. All in all, my ingame performance is therefore also very fluctuating, but at least on good days everything goes well and I can play my way up the rankings.

In order for you to develop as a talent in the best possible way, you have to reel off a decent program every week. How can we imagine your week and how many hours do you spend on League of Legends each week?

In order to create and maintain routines, my weeks or days look relatively the same. The routines include regular sports with the other epf talents. The day always starts with stretching and/or sports. After that I prepare a balanced breakfast and then the first units of League of Legends are played. In the early afternoon I usually have coaching sessions. In the evening, scrims and reviews are on the daily schedule together with the team. To ensure that I am always able to perform at my best, I take many breaks throughout the day. I often go out into the fresh air and meet up with friends.

What drives you to invest so much time in eSports? Do you have a role model or do you just want to prove to all the doubters that you've got it?

I want to be one of the best players in the world! There is also the aspect that I want to be a role model for the next generation of women in eSports. And yes, I also have a role model. This has been Rekkles since 2016.

You have a few highlights coming up in 2022, including another bootcamp and much more. How are you looking ahead to the coming months?

I'm stronger than ever and very confident about the coming months. On the one hand, I want to develop as a person and, of course, continue to improve in LoL. On the other hand, I also want to play professionally in a team again. I'm also really looking forward to the upcoming bootcamp at the end of May and can't wait to meet all the other Equal eSports talents again.

Luna "Zavee" Lochmann

esports player foundation talent

Luna discovered her passion for gaming through minecraft. She started playing League of Legends in 2015 since the world championships and has been playing amtiously in a mixed team for a year now.