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Since 2021, the esports player foundation has been supporting talented LoL players as part of the Equal eSports Initiative. In the first year of the initiative, 10 talents were supported, in the second year the support is now being increased.
Once again, the 30 most talented players were invited to the Equal eSports Talent Camp at the Deutsche Telekom AG headquarters in Bonn. At the Talent Camp, the players were able to learn for the first time what it actually means to be a professional eSports player. In addition to in-game sessions under the guidance of professional coaches, there were also inspiring panel talks and workshops, including from European fencing champion Max Hartung and sports psychologist Thorsten Loch.

Next Steps:

Of the 30 talents, 14 have now made it into the esports player foundation. As many as 8 talents will also be supported by the epf in the second year. These include Maya "Caltys" Henckel, who is considered the best player in Europe and is under contract with G2 Esports. All 14 talents will receive at least one year of complete support and can thus come closer to their dream of a career at world level.

Components of the support include:

  • Professional in-game coaching
  • Regular fitness training
  • Sports psychological support
  • nutritional counselling
  • Media and interview training
  • boot camps
  • A dual career plan that combines school and training with eSports
  • Mentors who are there 24/7 to support you
  • A network of experts
  • Hardware support
  • Financial support

The players of the Equal eSports talent promotion in League of Legends:


Kim Deumann

Kim "Possible" Deumann has been a dedicated League of Legends player since 2012. Since receiving support from the esport player foundation, the game has developed into more than just a hobby for her. With the support of epf, she wants to continue to prove herself in eSports in the future.


Danli Shen

Danli Shen has been playing League of Legends since Season 3, most recently playing for ernroar (nordic) in the 3rd DIV of the NLC. She is considered a player who quickly understands and implements new knowledge. Besides League of Legends, she dedicates most of her time to her Master's degree in Bioinformatics. With the help of epf, she wants to become one of the best support players in the First DIVs of the European leagues.


Sarah Lesch

Sarah "Sahrii" Lesch has been playing League of Legends as a supporter since she was 13 (Season 7). After her successful graduation in spring 2022, she will now take her first steps in the competitive eSports.


Miki Maurer

Her interest in a professional career started in 2019 when she took part in the Magenta eTrophy during the Gamescom. In 2021, the time had come and she was signed by SK Avarosa as a midlaner. After a stopover at AceGaming, she competed for BIG at the Equal eSports Festival Vol. 2, which they eventually won.


Mareike Burg

In addition to many years’ experience in the Uniliga, Sayna has also played in various divisions of the Prime League. Her current goal is to make the Prime League DIV. 1 and spread fear there with her infamous pocket picks in bot lane.


Charlotte Tranquillin

Charlotte "Cosmïc" Tranquillin is a French League of Legends player who has been active since 2015. She played in several mixed teams in LFL3 and ProGro and wants to turn pro. She is currently a bot laner for Crystal Gaming.


Chara Giannopoulou

Chara has been playing league since season 2 and has peaked grandmaster in season 11 and 12. In the past year she started playing competitively in female scene and aspires to win as many trophies as possibles.


Luna Lochmann

She discovered her love of gaming through Minecraft. She has been an enthusiastic LoL player since 2015, when the world championships were broadcast. For more than two years now, she has been a highly ambitious League of Legends competitor in mixed teams. Most recently, she showed off her talent at the Equal eSports Festival by winning the Female Fan Tournament with BIG.


Juni Tveita

Juni "Eliasa" is a passionate League of Legends player. She has played for teams as support in the Norwegian scene. Her biggest ambitions are to grow as both a player and teammate together with the epf and become a role model for other women in the eSport community.


Maya Henckel

Maya "Caltys" Henckel is considered the best player in Europe. In January, the bot laner made her debut for Valiance in the Esports Balkan Leagze. In doing so, she made history as the first player in a First DIV in Europe. Since September, the 20-year-old Swede has been playing for G2 Hel. They recently won the GirlGamer Oradea Festival.


Stella Gottfried

Stella “solar” Gottfried got into eSports in 2016 through the KITSC eSports university group. She played in the Prime League and Uniliga for several years, and was one of the first women to play in the top league. She’s now studying eSports management and works as an LoL in-game observer. Most recently, she finished 3rd with Eintracht Spandau at the Female Fan Tournament at the Equal eSports Festival.


Olivia Calistus

Olivia "Lizia" Calistus career began in Autumn 2021. As a member of Team Revive, she played against Nigma Galaxy as part of the Equal eSports Festival. In October 2021, her career continued to take off and she represented SK Gaming for 7 months. Since September, the Swede has now been active for G2 Hel. Together with Maya "Caltys" Henckel, she recently won the GirlGamer Oradea Festival.


Joyce Cheuk

Asyris is a League of Legends streamer and fast-rising competitive player. With the help of epf, she is now aiming for a professional career. Most recently, she caused a stir when she reached Master on the Chinese Super Server.


Rachelle Stemerdink

Rachelle "Overwhelmed" Stemerdink is a League of Legends player from the Netherlands. She was most recently active on Qlash Midnight as a substitute bot laner. She moved to the mid-lane for Season 13.