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Since September 2022, Brawl Stars is also part of the Equal eSports Talent Development of the esports player foundation. Thereby 7 talented Brawl Stars players participated in the Equal eSports Talent Camp of the epf. Under the guidance of epf coach and Brawl Stars vice world champion 2021 Steffen "Auge" Wilmers, the talents were able to get a glimpse of professional eSports for the first time. Besides ingame coaching, teambulding was also on the agenda of the Talent Camp.

Next Steps:

Of the 7 talents, a total of 4 made it into the Equal eSports talent promotion programme of the epf. All talents receive at least one year of holistic support and can thus come closer to their dream of a career at world level.

Components of the promotion are, among others:

  • Professional ingame coaching
  • Regular fitness training
  • Sports psychological support
  • Nutritional counselling
  • Media and interview training
  • Boot camps
  • A dual career planning that combines school and training with eSports
  • Mentors who are there 24/7 to support you
  • A network of experts
  • Hardware support
  • Financial support

The players of the Equal eSports talent promotion in Brawl Stars:


Karina Karachorova

Karina is a 17-year-old Bulgarian who is now entering her second year in the promotion. She is the best Bulgarian player and not only stands out for her strengths in Brawl Stars. She is at the national top in both fencing and coding.


Jana combines her strengths from football and Brawl Stars, among others, in Brawl Ball. The 13-year-old still has time until her first tournament, but she is already attracting attention!


Sweeti already played for SK Avarosa and is currently one of the best players in the world. She finished 16th in the European rankings with her team Berlin City Club. She is the first player to reach the rank of Master in the Solo Power League.


Happy already played for SK Avarosa and is currently looking for a team. She is nationally ranked and considered one of the best players in the world.