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Almost a year has passed since the launch of the Equal eSports Initiative on 30 September 2021. We are very happy that we have already been able to make a difference. Together with our partners SK Gaming and esports player foundation, we have set an example for more equality and diversity. In addition to League of Legends, we have also been promoting talent in a second eSports title since 2022: Brawl Stars. We are very happy to welcome many new and a few familiar faces to the Equal eSports initiative.


In June, the newly formed SK Avarosa team started the Summer Split in League of Legends. Here it achieved first place and secured promotion to DIV. 5 of the Prime League. Congratulations to the SK Avarosa League of Legends Team:

  • Tanja "Escape" Reither
  • Ida "Emprez" Pedersen
  • Johanna "Mercia" White
  • Dino "FengDere" Hrnjadovic
  • Anette "Pjush" Holm

More information about the talents is available here.

After an application phase and an intensive boot camp, the first SK Avarosa Brawl Stars team was determined. From now on, these four players will compete for SK Gaming in Brawl Stars:

  • Sweeti
  • Happy
  • Arii
  • Oshee

More information about the talents can be found here.


Women and non-binary players were also able to apply for the Equal eSports talent promotion at the esports player foundation. The 10 talents who were already supported last year could apply again.

Of these 10 players, 5 also made it into the promotion this year:

  • Maya "Caltys" Henckel
  • Mareike "Sayna" Burg
  • Stella "solar" Gottfried
  • Kim "Possible" Deumann
  • Luna "Zavee" Lochmann

Three more talents of the current promotion were already part of the Equal eSports Initiaive during the Prime League Spring Split 22 as members of the SK Avarosa team. We are happy to have them back on board:

  • Olivia "Lizia" Calistus
  • Mikki "Nugget" Maurer
  • Monique "xTiga" Fiene

In addition to the 8 familiar faces, we welcome 6 more players who are now part of the Equal eSports talent development in League of Legends:

  • Danli "Kiss3TheRain" Shen
  • Chiara "Delicate" Giannopoulou"
  • Charlotte "Cosmic" Tranquillin
  • Joyce "Asyris" Cheuk
  • June "Eliasa" Tveita
  • Sarah "Sahrii" Lesch

More information about the talents can be found here.

These four players have been accepted into the Brawl Stars programme by epf. Welcome and good to have you with us:

  • Paula "PaulaBrawl" Peiró
  • Karina "Plantsyse" Karachorova
  • Shelemat "shingat" Yonas
  • Iris "Iristhelost" Lourinho

More information about the talents can be found here.