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Council member Ryxcales clears up prejudices at Gamescom

"Only real guys can play well!" , "Rap is only for men!", "Football is not a women's sport!". - Women are often confronted with these and other prejudices in so-called male domains. Anika "Ryxcales" Wolter, member of the Equal eSports Council, the rapper badmómzjay and professional footballer Andrea Gavrić from 1. FC Köln took part in the panel talk "Better check again!" at Gamescom in Cologne today.

The three strong voices reported from their respective industries and gave insights into their lives: "When I started the job, there were only a few female casters in the industry.
In the male-dominated community, there was an immediate discussion about introducing a women's quota - the wildest theories were spread and female gamers were at best smiled at. That's why it's all the more important that there are impulses today, such as Telekom's Equal eSports Initiative, which advocates for more equality and diversity in eSports."- Anika "Ryxcales" Wolter

The aim of the talk was to clear up stereotypes and clichés and to question prejudices and pigeonhole thinking. "We want to motivate people to rethink and encourage them to go their own way," says Ryxcales.

Telekom, SK Gaming and the esports player foundation are campaigning for more diversity in eSports as part of the Equal eSports Initiative. The initiative supports women and non-binary players in realising their dreams on the path to a career in professional eSports.