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Bootcamps of the esports player foundation are not only about sitting the whole day in front of your computer and working on your in-game skills.

Rather, the focus lies on learning important daily routines that do both, help to start your day successfully and dynamically, as well as present decisive criteria for exceptional in-game performance. Part of this routine are the basics for a balanced nutrition, regular fitness and stretch units but also topics as Mental Health.

The Telekom Talents started their morning at the Aldiana Club Ampflwang with mobility training, followed by a group-breakfast. Next to two longer in-game coaching sessions, that were distributed over the day, there were daily workshops with experts on the topics to nutrition, Mental Health, fitness, ambition and routines for the Equal eSports talents. The day ended then with common leisure activities in order to be able to switch off and to start off into the next days with new impressions.

More bootcamps are planned for this year, to manifest the progress and the newly learned things, as well as to keep on oneself.